What style suits you sir?
July 19, 2016

What style suits you sir?

(*) Only if there is a dominant grape variety will that variety be shown in bold

(**) These are example appellations only[/caption] 


There are around 6,800 winegrowers in Bordeaux, most are small, family owned vineyards handcrafting their wines with the benefit of generations of know-how.  The result is a wine region rich in diversity of styles.But how do you communicate that to your customers when typically all they understand is claret?! As you know, Bordeaux produces whites, rosés, reds and wonderful sweet wines, each with their own style. It is therefore no surprise that Bordeaux can sometimes be a hard sell.

Which is why The Bordeaux Wine Council has developed the Bordeaux Style Guide to help break down some of these levels of complexity. So if your customer drinks ‘Supple and Fruity’ red, then you can feel confident to recommend an AOC Bordeaux, or for example, if they are looking for something a bit more ‘Powerful and Intense’ then why not point them in the direction of the left bank?

Remember, you don’t have to limit your customers to one style, because the more you look the more you discover.


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