Strong Women Make Big Bordeaux Bottles

Timed with the launch of Women’s History Month, the new venture – Strong Women Make Big Bordeaux Bottles – is set to showcase the collective talent of the women winemakers from this renowned region. Making this extra-special, the featured wines will be poured by the glass from 3-Liter bottles, a rare, double-magnum size.

Ranging from wine bars to Michelin-star restaurants, 66 restaurants throughout New York have already signed on to host the visiting winemakers in a weeklong celebration from March 2 to March 8.

Each restaurant will pour a selection of wines from 3-Liter bottles, and many are opting to host additional tasting experiences and promotions in honor of Women’s History Month.

The participating women winemakers from Bordeaux represent the rich diversity of their region and will present a selection of wines from renowned reds to dry and sweet whites. Their wines capture the artistry and depth of various Bordeaux appellations from many different perspectives, including family-owned châteaux and relative newcomers.