5 Ways To Keep Wine Fresh Throughout Labor Day Weekend
September 2, 2016

5 Ways To Keep Wine Fresh Throughout Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is upon us. For many, this means enjoying those last few decadent days of epicurean summer delight. But before you un-cork that Bordeaux Rosé, consider the possibility that instead of finishing the bottle – or bottles – you just might want to keep the party going throughout the long weekend. We know what you”re thinking. “Unfinished wine!? Preposterous!” But it”s more common than you might think. So, just in case – here are our top five tips for storing your opened Bordeaux wine.

Recall The Three R”s: Re-cork, Refrigerate, Rejoice

Perhaps the simplest method, and often the most over-looked, is to very carefully re-cork your wine and refrigerate. And this goes for all wines! Red, white, blue, it won”t matter, as cool temperatures slow oxidation in all wines. (Oxidation is what makes your wine taste flat and flavorless!). And although you might feel inclined to use the slim clean top-end when re-corking – resist! Always tightly re-cork the bottle exactly how it arrived for ultimate freshness. Now, rejoice!

Geek Out On Nifty Gadgets

As the world continues to update and innovate in all industries, the wine industry has also undergone a similar renaissance. There are now countless wine gadgets available on the market, all designed to keep your wine fresh. From Coravin products – the cork-less wine system promising enjoyable pours by the glass, to Platypus – the airtight bag preservation system, to Air Cork – the airtight seal system, to VacuVin – the literal vacuum system, to the countless others, there”s something for just about everyone – if you”re willing to spend the bucks! Isn”t technology amazing?

Lose The Bottle

Forever the hipster”s keepsake, mason jars and other canning vessels not only make useful glassware, but can also be used to store your wine. Simply pour your wine into the jar until it hits the brim, then seal carefully. Extra points here as this method is both cost-efficient and stylish.

Discover The Demi

The demi, or half-bottles (375 ml), are another excellent way to keep your wine fresh – as you will almost always finish the bottle in one sitting! Demis are also a great way to experiment. You can find a wide variety of Bordeaux demis at most major wine shops.

Keep Your Friends Close

What better way to ensure your wine stays fresh than to drink it all up with friends? This hack will absolutely be the most enjoyable by far — so what are you waiting for? Get out there and get discovering.


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