Food and wine pairings

Cheese table

Scent of the islands

Scent of the islands

For 6 people

Preparation time

20 min

Classic wine pairing

Classic pairing: Cérons, a fluffy white wine. A sweet wine from Cérons helps balance the bitterness of blue cheese.

Original wine pairing

AOC dry white wine. Choose an AOC Graves, white wine aged in barrels with a taste that's a beautiful marriage with the decadent cheese.


- 3 bananas (not too ripe)
- crushed pepper from Madagascar
- a toasted baguette
- Saint Agur cheese cut into a triangle


Cut cheese into slices Arrange cheese slices on the toasted baguette

Cut banana slices and place on top of the cheese Sprinkle with crushed Madagascar pepper

Roland Barthélemy

Roland Barthélemy is a master cheese expert. He served four presidents of France and won the world cheese award for his outstanding contribution to the world of cheese. President of La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, he travels the world to increase global recognition of traditional cheesemaking and the diversity of cheese heritage.