Food and wine pairings

Cheese table



For 6 people

Preparation time

15 min

Classic wine pairing

With this hard sheep cheese you can bring out the red Bordeaux – but something fruity such as a versatile Bordeaux Superieur or one from the Côtes such as Castillon or Cadillac – perfect to break down the proteins in the cheese and ham – with the pear offering a sweet contrast.

Original wine pairing

A Bordeaux sweet wine. Surprise your guests with a slightly sweet wine from the Sauternes appellation – the sweetness will bring a delightful contrast to the salty, tangy flavors of the cheese and ham.


- esquirou (sheep's milk cheese)
- 1 pear (not too ripe)
- 3 slices of serrano ham cut very thin
- crackers


Cut 6 slices of cheese not too thick. Peel and cut 6 slices of pear.

Put the slices of cheese on the crackers, then top with slices of pears. Finally, arrange the ham harmoniously on top.

Roland Barthélemy

Roland Barthélemy is a master cheese expert. He served four presidents of France and won the world cheese award for his outstanding contribution to the world of cheese. President of La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, he travels the world to increase global recognition of traditional cheesemaking and the diversity of cheese heritage.