Brokers are valuable intermediaries between winegrowers and négociants. With excellent knowledge of their wines and winegrowers, they select and offer wines for trade. 

As mediators and traders, their role consists of matching supply with demand and assuring sales are conducted correctly with respect to the parties concerned. They supervise the delivery of the wines from the producer to the négociant, ensuring the strict compliance of the wines selected. 

According to the Syndicat régional des courtiers de Vins et Spiritueux de Bordeaux, wine brokers: (…) provide an impartial, informed opinion on the qualities of a harvest and market trends."

The profession of wine broker was codified in 1321, as per a ruling by Philippe Le Bel. 

There are currently about 100 wine brokers in Bordeaux, including 30 sworn brokers who elaborate the official price list in effect on the Place de Bordeaux. They are consulted as experts to set the price of wines sold Primeur.

In Bordeaux, 75% of the sales between owner-seller and négociant-buyer are handled by brokers.


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