Glossary O



Used to describe a wine that has been matured in barrels. It often appears alongside a toasted bread note in young Bordeaux wines that have been aged in barrels, and gradually transforms into vanilla, mocha, chocolate or coconut. Oaky aromas derive from the tannins in the barrels during the maturation process.


A wine technician with a Diplôme National d'œnologie in France. Oenologists are responsible for making wine and supervising vinifications, but also providing advice to producers and merchants. Oenologists are the only people who can legally perform certain practices during wine production (treatments, filtrations).


The science of studying wine


A person who loves wine and everything surrounding it, whether they are a connoisseur or not. Every oenophile comes across Bordeaux wines at some point in their lives.

Oidium / powdery mildew

A vine disease caused by a small fungus that creates a grey color and drying phenomenon on the grapes; can be treated with sulphur.


Describes a wine in full bloom, like a bouquet of flowers at its peak.


The ability of a wine to stimulate the senses during a tasting


The result of the presence of oxygen in the air on the wine. It is a risk before fermentation (it spoils the grape's aromatic components), and also can occur during fermentation (a change in color and bouquet). But during barrel maturation in an oxygen-free environment, the pores in the wood allow a tiny amount of oxygen into the wine which helps to stabilise the color and develop aromatic complexity. This is controlled oxygenation.