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Mint, Strawberry & Quinoa Salad

Mint, Strawberry & Quinoa Salad

For 4 people

Preparation time

10 min + let rest 30 min

Cooking time

10 min

Classic wine pairing

The fruity aromas of Bordeaux Clairet pair up harmoniously with the tomatoes and strawberries; while the tartness of this refreshing wine will carry the vivacity of the vinegar and traditional wholegrain mustard.

Original wine pairing

If you're more of a white wine drinker... go for a dry white like Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux with vivacity that will enhance the quinoa and mint pairing.


70g of quinoa
20 mint leaves
1 shallot
10 cherry tomatoes
10 strawberries
70g of feta
3 handfuls of lamb's lettuce
Homemade vinaigrette (olive oil, vinegar, traditional wholegrain mustard)


Cook quinoa for indicated time. Leave to cool. Wash and cut tomatoes and strawberries into quarters.

Cut feta and mint into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients together.


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