Food and wine pairings

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Cheese-topped Baguette Rounds

Cheese-topped Baguette Rounds

For 2 - 5 people

Preparation time

5 min

Cooking time

2 min

Classic wine pairing

Pick a fruity, structured red wine! The tannins of a Côtes de Bourg will pair perfectly with the richness of both cheeses.

Original wine pairing

A sweet white wine will provide aromatic intensity to go with both cheeses; the candied fruit aromas will echo the taste of the figs and nuts nicely.


1 baguette
7 slices of sheep's cheese
7 slices of goat's cheese
7 fresh figs
10 cherries
2 handfuls of ground nuts


Cut baguette into round slices. Brown in toaster. Cover half of the toasts with sheep cheese, and the other half with goat cheese.

Drizzle honey and a few ground nuts on top. Cut cherries and figs in half. Place fig halves on goat toasts and cherry halves on sheep toasts.


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